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The ONE Gear Story
My name is Matt and I make T-shirts for guys who are as obsessed with their bikes as I am. I'm partial to fixed gear bikes, but if you LOVE to ride like I do, you'll understand, no matter what kind of bike you ride.

I didn't make my first bike t-shirt until 2006. I was browsing bike pictures on fixed gear gallery, when it occurred to me that I was not alone in my urban cycling / fixed gear obsession. I thought maybe other guys like me wanted something else to wear besides a skin-tight Lance Armstrong "Jersey." Maybe not everyone who rides a bike wants to wear fluorescent yellow spandex and look like a total goombah! So I started designing shirts with the same simple aesthetic as the beautiful bikes they draw their inspiration from. Shirts you want to wear on and OFF your bike. Today guys (and girls!) from all over the world buy and wear my shirts. And that makes me happy. ;-)

There's something about urban cycling in particular that is simultaneously relaxing AND adrenaline fueled. It's a strange paradox and there's no other feeling quite like it. Whether you're down in the Financial District in Boston bobbing and weaving around cars, or on the beach bike path in Southern California bobbing and weaving around bikinis, there's this threading-the-needle RUSH from finding that perfect line through traffic. That's what my shirts are all about. My inspiration comes from the bikes I ride and from living LIFE! I'm going to keep making the shirts that I want to make and hopefully enough people will like them to keep me doing what I love.

About Our Shirts
All of our PREMIUM T-shirts are slim fit and fit great! Our shirts are constructed of super soft ring-spun cotton that hugs your body like an already broken-in vintage tee. We use printing methods and inks that leave the graphics as soft as the rest of the shirt. And our shirts have printed labels so there's no tag scratching your neck. Even brand new it feels like your favorite old t-shirt. This is not a cheap, promo shirt, this is a premium garment made with care. Our shirts cost a little bit more than some other t-shirts available online, but buy one and you'll see why. You're gonna' LOVE IT. ;-)
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A "Stand" screen drying off after use, outside the shop. Buy the Stand shirt now!
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