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*** The last day to order for GUARANTEED Christmas delivery in the U.S. is Wednesday December 17th, 2014 ***
*** The last day to order for GUARANTEED Christmas delivery in the U.S. is Wednesday December 17th, 2014 ***
bike shirt
Bike's got back

My bike's got back! In red and black.
biking shirt
Bike's got back

In neon green on black.
bike shirts
Bike's got back

In white and black.
fixie shirt
Bike's got back

In black on red.
skull t-shirts
Ghost Roger

He's our one-eyed friend, our fixed gear skull-logo. It's Roger.
skull t-shirt
Ghost Roger

In black.
japanese t-shirts
Rising sun

Our fixed gear take on a classic Japanese design.
steampunk clothing

Fixie. Your cog, your gear, your friend.
bicycle t-shirt
Angels and Devils

Life is full of difficult decisions...
cycling t-shirt
Angels and Devils

In black.
cycling shirts

In white.
cycling shirt

Sprint to victory!
bicycle shirt
Ride Me

You know you wanna ride this track bike. In Chocolate brown.
texas longhorns
Ride Me

In Texas Orange.
bike tee shirts
Ride Me

In Army Green.
steampunk clothes

One Gear. It's all you need. The shirt that started it all!
cycling t-shirts

Grab the bull by the bull-horns! In Black.
bike t-shirts

In "Don't call me baby" Blue.
bike t-shirt

In red.
bike shirt
The West is the Best

California love...
On sale only $9.99!
sexy shirt

I only fall off when it's critical.
On sale only $9.99!
4X4 Sticker Pack

Roger and ONE logo stickers.

$1.99 FLAT RATE shipping in the USA! Shipping to Canada is $5.99 and only $9.99 to the rest of the world! Even Australia. It's flat rate no matter how many shirts you order, whether you order 1 shirt or 10 shirts! Paypal will correctly calculate shipping based on your shipping address when you checkout. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT IN PAYPAL! Because that's the address we ship to.

WE SHIP ORDERS OUT ONCE A WEEK on Wednesdays; transit times vary depending on your location. Sorry, there is no rush shipping option available. If you ordered without knowing this, and can't wait, don't stress, just email me and I can issue you a refund. ;-)

No sale is ever final! Yes, we do returns / exchanges. If you get your fixed gear t-shirt at your house and it doesn't fit, or you ordered the wrong size or you really don't like the color now that you see it in person, or ANY other reason, you can return it for a different color, different size, different shirt, or a full refund. As long as the shirts are clean, unlaundered and not worn in appearance. You are responsible for shipping it back to us, but we will pay to ship out the replacement.

Emailing Us
It may take up to 72 hours for a response to your email. If you have emailed me about a return or exchange, or a different shipping address, or anything, please allow enough time for a response. I WILL get back to you. Promise!  ;-)

Think of this like a normal store you would walk into to buy something. If you change your mind and want to do a return, YOU CAN! It's not like once you click "Buy" your money is gone forever. I do refunds about once a month or so for people that change their mind. Not a big deal. ;-)

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, ATM cards and even e-Checks. We use PayPal™ to do all our credit card processing because they are the best in the business. They are safe, secure and protect you from fraud. You don't need a PayPal account to order from us, you just need a credit or Debit card.

About Our Premium Fit Shirts
Our shirts fit a guy's body better than your average t-shirt. The collar is loose on your neck, not choking you. The sleeves are narrower and fit your arms even if you're not on steroids. But it's not skin tight on your stomach. Our shirts are snug in all the right places, and looser where it should be. You'll look great without looking like your shirt is "too tight". Our shirts are tagless with printed inside labels so there's no tag scratching your neck. The shirt material is light-weight, super SOFT ringspun cotton.  And we use top quality inks that get very soft after the first wash. Seriously guys, you run this thing through the wash one time and it's got that awesome "broken-in" feel of your favorite old t-shirt.  You're gonna' love it!  ;-)

The ONE Gear Story
My name is Matt and I make T-shirts for guys who are as obsessed with their bikes as I am. I'm partial to fixed gear bikes, but if you LOVE to ride like I do, you'll understand, no matter what kind of bike you ride.

I didn't make my first bike t-shirt until 2006. I was browsing bike pictures on fixed gear gallery, when it occurred to me that I was not alone in my urban cycling / fixed gear obsession. I thought maybe other guys like me wanted something else to wear besides a skin-tight Lance Armstrong "Jersey." Maybe not everyone who rides a bike wants to wear fluorescent yellow spandex and look like a total goombah! So I started designing shirts with the same simple aesthetic as the beautiful bikes they draw their inspiration from. Shirts you want to wear on and OFF your bike. Today guys (and girls!) from all over the world buy and wear my shirts. And that makes me happy. ;-)

There's something about urban cycling in particular that is simultaneously relaxing AND adrenaline fueled. It's a strange paradox and there's no other feeling quite like it. Whether you're down in the Financial District in Boston bobbing and weaving around cars, or on the beach bike path in Southern California bobbing and weaving around bikinis, there's this threading-the-needle RUSH from finding that perfect line through traffic. That's what my shirts are all about. My inspiration comes from the bikes I ride and from living LIFE! I'm going to keep making the shirts that I want to make and hopefully enough people will like them to keep me doing what I love.

If you have any other questions prior to ordering, or if a page isn't working, or if you have suggestions email youknowwhat.

Wholesale information
Want to carry ONE gear in your store? We can make that happen!  Minimum wholesale order is 100 pieces of the same design. You can mix and match colors and sizes, but 100 of the same design. Email  em  and I can get you more info including wholesale pricing, turn-times, etc.


"Like" ONE Gear Clothing on Facebook and we'll let you know when your favorite shirt is back in stock, or when we come out with a new shirt. We don't send out useless updates like "I got up today and had a cup of coffee" or "Trees are made of wood." Know what I'm saying? ;-)