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Happy Customers
Got a picture of youlself rockin' one of our shirts? Email that picture to youknowwhat. If it makes it on to our site, we will send you a FREE SHIRT of your choice!

bike shirt
Daniel in "Bike's Got Back" in Sacramento, California. Buy it now.
greek islands
Stelios in a brown "Ride Me" shirt on the Greek Isles. Buy it now!
Braden from Huntington Beach, California in a Ghost Roger green. Buy it now!
NorCal fixed gear
Ryan from Northern California getting slippery with Angels & Devils in gray. Buy it now!
DJ Crash
DJ Crash rocking ONE Gear at the World Music Conference in Miami. Buy it now!
NBC 6 Miami
DJ Crash at the WMC in Miami, FL. Buy it now!
rising sun japan
Solomon wearing our Japanese inspired "Rising Sun" design IN Japan. Buy it now!
hermosa beach fixed gear
Steven from Hermosa Beach, CA in Bike. Buy it now!
chicago IL
Patrick fron Chicago, wearing BIKE black. Buy it now!
Halifax Canada
Philip in "Happiness is...." with his daughter Ava outside of Halifax, Canada.
Andy from Breezy Brisneyland, Australia in a Fixie t-shirt. Buy it now!
Nick in a fixie tee, SKY HIGH at the summit of Mount Ventoux in France! Buy it now.
Torbjorn from Sweeden! Rocking the Ghost Roger in army green. Buy it now.
tour de california
Matt at the "Tour De California" in a Fixie T. Buy it now.
new york city
Chamonix from New York City in BIKE. I think she might know Jim. Buy it now.
somerville ma
Matt from Boston, MA in 'Bikes Got Back'. Buy it now.
Montreal fixed gear
Carlos from Canada with an army green Ride Me shirt. Buy it now.
Barcelona fixed gear
Alberto from Guadalara Spain, in a charcoal gray Angels and Devils shirt. Buy it now.
Adrian from Switzerland wearing Angels & Devils in black. Adrian was the very first customer to send me a photo. Thanks for getting the ball rolling Adrian! Buy it now.
jim sikora
New York City artist Jim Sikora in a ONE shirt. Buy it now.
Newport Beach
Anson from Newport Beach, CA in a STAND shirt. Buy it now.
Lowell Mass
Matt from Lowell, MA in a Ride Me, blue.
Al in Madrid, in a handsome Bike's got back shirt. Buy it now.
David in Karoi, New Zealand in an army green Ride Me. Buy it now.
Kyles bareknuckle
Roger peering out the back of Kyle's bareknuckle in Michigan. Buy it now.
pink bike
Roger on a beautiful pink single speed bike. Buy it now.